Comprehensive planning of the entire training process from 6 years of age to professional maturity. This planning includes the control and delivery of technical-tactical, physical and psychological contents, interrelated and worked on simultaneously.

More than one hundred variables (physical, technical, tactical. psychological, medical etc..) are analyzed, and an individualized tracking of each is performed to identify the strong and weak points of all the players and is personalized for each of them in order to favor the player’s development.

The SSI offers a methodology for education, continuous formation and systemic training sessions in which the physical, technical-tactical and psychological aspects are worked on in an interrelated way.

The SSI method incorporates an innovation into the education and training of the players: “DECISION MAKING”. All the players are taught the importance of perception, analysis and decision making in order to choose the best option available in play.

With the SSI methodology, players achieve their own identity and through its application intelligent players with an enormous capacity for perception, analysis and quick and efficient decision making are formed.

Our main goal is to use football as an educational tool for the formation of good players and better people.