In Spain:

Organization of:

  • Campus, clinics, master classes, seminars, conferences, etc…
  • Full service for preseason preparation of foreign teams (logistics, accommodation, nutrition, training, friendly matches, complementary leisure activities, culture, recreation, etc …).
  • Longer stays (3, 6 and 9 months) for youngsters of 10 to 22 years of age with personalized assistance from tutors from both Spain and the home country, providing a full service, depending on age, in terms of intensive Spanish/English schooling, complementary training (official courses), daily workouts, weekly competitions, leisure activities, cultural, recreational and complementary sports, etc …


  • Comprehensive advice for federations, clubs and soccer schools.
  • Implementation of the Spanish football methodology in youth squads and local team schools.
  • Collaboration with professional football clubs to promote the mutual exchange of teaching materials, practical experience, methodology, qualified staff, coaches, players and links to other Spanish clubs so as to establish agreements for collaboration.
  • Collaboration with schools, universities and public institutions on issues related to education, training and the practice of football.

The amazing Salou SSI facilities. With everything needed for students to live together in an enabling environment for personal development while they are instructed in the most advanced soccer techniques. Our facilities are equipped with everything necessary to cover any necessity or emergencies with total reliability.

Salou facilities playing fields have nothing to envy of training grounds of the best football clubs. The best way for our students to become familiar with the regulatory dimensions of professional football fields.

The village where SSI students will stay has nothing to envy of any luxury resort. Housing facilities made up of last generation elements and have finishes more than suitable for students have a positive experience in every way.

Into SSI we are aware that our students are of an age to play. Therefore we offer all kinds of recreational facilities for them to escape in their moments of rest.