Corporate Social Responsibility


The SSI provides comprehensive sports development programs, based on the international promotion and development of the King of sports “SOCCER”, from a recreational, educational, institutional, professional and high competitivity standpoint.

Educational Model:

The SSI uses the auxiliary sciences of sport and a scientific methodology so that  young sportsmen evolve in their training by developing, stimulating, planning, evaluating and supporting the athlete with comprehensive plans for technical, medical and psychological strengthening, and developing the human factor from the basis of consciousness and social integration.


To make available to any country all the technical and human resources needed to create HIGH PERFORMANCE FOOTBALL YOUTH SCHOOLS, with the aim of promoting among all sectors of a given population a mental, physical and cultural development through the practice of football.


To contribute to physical education and the dissemination of the social right to the practice of sporting, recreational and healthy activities, promoting the qualitative and quantitative improvement of after-school and recreational sports.